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GEODIS: New Channel Partner

on June 26, 2020 No comments
Founded in 1995 , GEODIS is a Supply Chain Operator ranking among the top companies in its field in Europe and the world. Their mission is to help clients succeed by overcoming their logistical constraints whilst optimising their supply chain, every step of the way.

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CallumGEODIS: New Channel Partner

BiLiG OpEx: New channel partner

on May 19, 2020 No comments
In 2015, BiLiG Operational Excellence Consultants was founded by Turkish entrepreneurs in the UK with the aim of providing solutions to business problems with current methods and digital opportunities in the field of Operational Excellence and in turn, revealing and evaluating opportunities for improvement.

As of today, BiLiG have announced that they are now a channel partner of Hanhaa, the internet-of-things innovator with a successful cargo tracking solution, ParceLive.

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CallumBiLiG OpEx: New channel partner

HDM Group: New Channel Partner

on April 16, 2020 No comments
HDM Group and Hanhaa have today announced a partnership between the two companies to deploy ParceLive, a real-time cargo tracking and multi-point data solution across HDM Group’s service offerings.

Taking full advantage of ParceLive’s white labelling service, HDM Group will act as a reseller of ParceLive, or in this instance, HDM Group’s Beecker tracker.

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CallumHDM Group: New Channel Partner

Hunicorn: New channel partner

on March 17, 2020 No comments
Founded in 1991, Hunicorn International Freight Forwarding Limited provides comprehensive 3PL logistics services in Hungary and neighbouring countries. They handle sea shipment, air, project cargoes, OOG (oversized) shipments, flexitanks, ISO tanks, reefers, dangerous cargo and even personal effects.

Hunicorn operate as a classical international forwarding company, concluding transport contracts on behalf of and for their clients with rail, road, ship and airline companies. As of today, Hunicorn have announced that they are now a channel partner of Hanhaa, the internet-of-things innovator with a successful cargo tracking product.

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CallumHunicorn: New channel partner

DS Smith: New channel partner

on February 6, 2020 No comments
Over the last 80 years, DS Smith has become a leading provider of corrugated and plastics packaging for consumer and industrial goods supported by paper and recycling operations. This unified approach and Supply Cycle Thinking reduces complexity and simplifies the supply chains of all DS Smith customers.

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Stephen hartnettDS Smith: New channel partner