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HDM Group: New Channel Partner

on April 16, 2020 No comments

HDM Group and Hanhaa have today announced a partnership between the two companies to deploy ParceLive, a real-time cargo tracking and multi-point data solution across HDM Group’s service offerings.

Taking full advantage of ParceLive’s white labelling service, HDM Group will act as a reseller of ParceLive, or in this instance, HDM Group’s Beecker tracker.

HDM Group are a new and innovative company with expertise knowledge in the fields of big data, predictive analysis, statistics, hardware, firmware solutions and so much more. With their head office situated in Milan, HDM Group command over 20 years of hands on experience creating and developing multiple hardware solutions to improve business efficiency and acceleration.

Through the combination of multiple solution designs centred around software development, big data, predictive analysis and the internet of things, HDM Group have developed and patented the unity platform.

Unity is a modular solution that offers the possibility to interconnect different analytical tools, with Hanhaa’s ParceLive now playing a major role within this ecosystem.

“IoT is the keystone in the production of goods and services. With the Beecker tracker, we are able to monitor, control and transfer information and then perform consequent actions. Our work with Hanhaa allows us new and important perspectives when reviewing company information systems.”

Tuccio Loria, Director, HDM Group

“Inline with HDM Group’s business ethos, we too look forward to contributing exponential sales activities with companies who are hungry for growth, and ready to be at the frontlines of innovation. Working with Tuccio in the past, I feel confident in the success he and the HDM Group team will deliver, helping us all to solve the issues surrounding supply chain visibility and more.”

Azhar Hussain, CEO, Hanhaa
CallumHDM Group: New Channel Partner