Cold Chain Monitoring Device

Real-Time Location, Condition & Security Alerts

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With ParceLive we have full control over location, temperature, moisture and other data points that are critical for product protection. Thanks to Hanhaa, we have saved money and time.

Jorge Marcos Madrid
Chairman of Vitalcan

Cold Chain

Are you looking for a cargo tracking and monitoring solution within your country or are you considering tracking solutions for international delivery?

… Do you need a reliable freight tracker that would allow you to monitor shipment’s such as air freight/air cargo? Or perhaps you require a container tracking system for worldwide shipping by sea?

You might be surprised to learn about all the different industries and the different types of cargo that rely on ParceLive for additional visibility into their shipments location, security and condition.

Temperature-sensitive products like chemicals, food, wine and spirits, plants, drugs and vaccines require temperature-controlled environments from production to consumption and every step in between.

Your cold chain monitoring solution is only as good as the sensory devices they rely upon.

Enter ParceLive…
Cold chain sensors

Cargo Tracking & Monitoring Device (7 Smart Sensors)

ParceLive’s service means that you can now collect data from the whole delivery supply-chain and receive real-time alerts or tracking audits that alert you to exceptional events –such as when your cargo has been dropped, has been stored at the wrong temperature or if it has been tampered with.

Cold Chain Monitoring Device Features

One Press Activation

With ParceLive, it’s made simple. One press of a button and your cargo is now live, tracking in real-time.

7 Accurate Sensors

Real-time alerts, stamped with time and location data, mean that delivery systems can create meaningful workflows.

Sensor configuration & Data Intervals

Create sensor alerts for when readings are outside of defined parameters and decide on frequency of updates back to portal.


ParceLive will record data regardless of transportation method.

Private Hanhaa XG Network

Worldwide cellular coverage via the secure Hanhaa XG mobile network offers connectivity for ParceLive regardless of country, carrier or scale.

API Integration

ParceLive’s application programming interface (API) displays data in a way that is easy for customers to adopt and integrate with.

Geofencing Integration

Users can create geofences enabling them to monitor activity in secure areas, allowing management to see alerts when cargo enters or leaves a specific area.

Blockchain Integration

Digitize Regulatory Compliance and Shipping Documentation. Improved control and stakeholder accountability over complete process will reduce manual errors and costly delays.

Zero Hassle, Zero E-Waste

ParceLive channel partners inform Hanhaa as to where they need trackers sent to, and when the journeys are complete, Hanhaa will organise the collection of the trackers so that they can be sent back to a Hanhaa fulfilment centre where they are recharged and updated, ready for their next journey.

The aim here is to minimise the operational pain of companies having to deal with the trackers before and after use which in turn, has huge benefits for the environment minimising waste.

ParceLive Web Portal

With the ParceLive web portal, users can easily access real-time tracking data on their cargo as it travels around the world.

No coding or technical knowledge required, just enter username and password to instantly monitor your cargo as it travels throughout the supply chain.

Integrating ParceLive tracker data into existing systems is seamless. ParceLive’s application programming interface (API) displays data in a way that is easy for customers to adopt and integrate with, whether it’s an app, a web portal or a direct-link into logistics management systems.

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Full supply chain visibility is a must! Through the application of ParceLive, we know the location and condition of all our shipments and most importantly, it's made simple.

Tomas Döry
Enterprise Supply Chain

ParceLive Applications: Cold Chain

Many pharmaceutical products, drugs, vaccines and items for medical treatment require special care during transport. Not only must the cold chain always remain unbroken during shipment (everything must be kept within a precisely defined temperature range and humidity) but also the items must be protected against theft and unauthorized access.

The ParceLive service offers all that and more. Any breach of the specified conditions will be immediately sent to you as an alert along with the precise GPS coordinates.
To keep your favorite foods fresh, a lot of produce, meat, fish and related products must be kept refrigerated or frozen not just in storage but also during the entire time in transport. This is often referred to as keeping the cold chain unbroken.

The ParceLive cargo tracking service is the perfect solution to guarantee that the cold chain remains unbroken.
Wine & Spirits
It should come as no surprise that spirits and wine are prone to theft in transport. But you might find it surprising to learn that wine corks require specific temperature and humidity conditions in order to keep wine sealed properly and to ensure that quality wine arrives in perfect condition at its end destination.

That’s why the ParceLive shipment tracking service is a top choice for wine producers and spirits distributors alike.
Shipping fresh flowers and living plants isn’t easy. Precisely the right temperature and humidity must be maintained at all times. The ParceLive service continuously monitors those conditions and alerts you immediately when any of the specified conditions have been breached.

This empowers you to take instant action and to ensure that upon delivery your products will be in perfect condition.

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