Doing Things The Right Way​
At Hanhaa we take pride in doing things the right way. That's why we have made sure that our products meet, adheres to and exceeds all of the applicable industry standards for air freight tracking.

Our team is dedicated to provinding a service that is safe, efficient and compliant in all of the markets in which we have entered into.

See below for all of the testing and certification that Parcelive trackers have been through.

Airline Approvals For Air Freight Tracking

Compliance Details


ParceLive operates as a parcel tracking service and is a part of the packages tracking and air freight tracking.

The trackers are owned by Hanhaa and "rented" to customers and returned after each journey.

These trackers hold no commercial value and any customs declaration mentioning ParceLive should take this stance.

US FAR and CFR Regulations Compliance

ParceLive is fully compliant with RTCA/DO-160G

ParceLive has been manufactured in an ISO9001 compliant facility

The ParceLive battery is compliant with UN38.3 and has been certified for IEC 62133.2

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) 94 certified for case flammability

With 35+ approved airlines your chosen air freight supplier will be on our list

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