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Arterìa: New channel partner

on August 28, 2020 No comments

Founded in 2000, Arterìa is the leading Italian logistics provider for the transportation, packing, handling, and installation of fine arts. They work worldwide, with operational branches and warehouses in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin, and Malpensa.

As of today, Arterìa is now a channel partner of Hanhaa, the internet-of-things innovator with a successful cargo tracking solution, ParceLive.

In 20 years, Arterìa created a “company system” that combines professionalism, investment, training, research, and new technologies in order to guarantee the protection of works of art and valuable goods in transit, in storage and on display.

The same practices they use for their core business “ART”, have also been targeted to valuables and luxury goods for private individuals and companies. With the divisions My Logistic, My Moving, and We Fly, Arterìa offers a global system for transport, logistics and handling, so that they can “move your world” with the same professionalism, attention and safety with which they move art. The division Arterìa SafeTech completes its offer of services for the safe display of works of art and valuables with a selection of conservative products like display cases, frames and vitrines with particular attention to microclimatic values ​​and light intensity.

“Dead Christ” – Andrea Mantegna

“Behind every project, every move, every shipment and every installation entrusted to Arterìa there is an Arterìa professional trained to carry it out with the utmost care, safety, and security. Our application of ParceLive is further testament of our desire to ensure we live and work by these principles.”

Antonio Addari, Managing Director, Arterìa

Many works of art are especially fragile and need consistent, near-perfect conditions in transit and exhibition to maximize their lifetime. IoT devices such as ParceLive are invaluable in helping museum professionals and conservators monitor the art works in transit. Principally measuring temperature, relative humidity and shock, these types of sensors can track even slight differentials that could affect the integrity of a piece of art and send an alert to the preservation or curatorial staff.

This applies to the transport of works of art, as well. IoT has revolutionized the monitoring of works of art when in transit to maximise safety from one place to another and goes further to help understand whether or not it was done so as carefully and as efficiently as possible.

“And just like that, we continue to see new and exciting applications for ParceLive. It fills me with a great sense of pride knowing that the technology Hanhaa has created is being used to monitor some of the most famous art works the world has seen.”

Azhar Hussain, CEO & Founder, Hanhaa

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