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DS Smith: New channel partner

on February 6, 2020 No comments

Over the last 80 years, DS Smith has become a leading provider of corrugated and plastics packaging for consumer and industrial goods supported by paper and recycling operations. This unified approach and Supply Cycle Thinking reduces complexity and simplifies the supply chains of all DS Smith customers.

DS Smith have announced that they are now a channel partner of Hanhaa, the Internet-of-Things innovator. The partnership between the two companies will see Hanhaa’s ParceLive solution being offered across DS Smith’s worldwide customer-base in 37 countries.

In addition to adopting ParceLive as a new product offering, DS Smith and Hanhaa are entering into a strategic partnership that will significantly improve the integration and optimization of real-time cargo tracking, providing users with live information about the location, condition and security of their assets, in an entirely innovative and ingenious way.

“These are such exciting times. Hanhaa have been working with the DS Smith for almost 3 years to build the relationship that can deliver the next generation of e-commerce efficiency. At Hanhaa, we focus on providing new and innovative ways to incorporate the ParceLive technology so that we can move beyond the box and offer our customers delivery satisfaction.”

Azhar Hussain, CEO, Hanhaa

“There are many markets we serve today that will benefit from this technology, so we’ve added ParceLive to our full suite of supply chain service offerings. We explored other trackers but ParceLive is the most intelligent on the market.”

Eliot Kirby, Head of Supply Chain Innovation, DS Smith

This new partnership seeks to make the world of IoT even more easy and accessible to use, bringing forward the new dawn of the Internet of Packaging and creating a pathway for DS Smith to offer their customer a search engine for their packages.

Stephen hartnettDS Smith: New channel partner