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Pegasus Logistics: New Channel Partner

on May 24, 2019 No comments

Since 1994, Pegasus Logistics Group has worked tirelessly to serve their customers with excellence and make a difference in the community. Pegasus is a market leader supporting client-centric transportation and logistics solutions, including time-definite shipping, project-intensive logistics, reverse logistics, managed delivery and final-mile customization. A defined focus and flexible network of partners gives Pegasus the ability to provide a highly managed delivery model utilizing proprietary technology and an exclusive approach to collaboration.

The Pegasus team is uniquely skilled at crafting solutions for even the most complex logistics challenges. Plant shut downs, contractor down time, “go-live” failures, damaged product, supplier compliance issues, inventory discrepancies and lost revenue recognition are all tied to shipments of consequence. Pegasus has been solving these types of challenges for over 24 years. Their battle-tested network, proprietary technology and best-of-breed solutions are designed to tackle these problems every day.

As a company, they understand that each customer has unique supply chain objectives. Pegasus works with clients to configure programs designed specifically to fit their logistics needs, including purchase order visibility, buyer’s consolidations, and devanning & distribution. Pegasus maintains professionalism and protects customer profits by ensuring shipments of consequence arrive on time, no matter if the cargo is oversized or extra sensitive.

The IoT market is expected to see rapid expansion in the coming years, and adding ParceLive to the company’s offerings is an example of Pegasus’ dedication to leading the forefront of logistics innovation.

“At Pegasus, we are constantly searching for new and innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. After working closely with Hanhaa and several other tracking service providers, we feel that Hanhaa and their ParceLive tracker have a unique and forward-thinking approach to technology which is a perfect match for the Pegasus team and our goals for the future.”

David CannonVP of Solutions

The team at Hanhaa are extremely excited for this new partnership with the Pegasus team. With ParceLive at the head of the IoT logistics market we believe this will be an excellent partnership for years to come.

Stephen hartnettPegasus Logistics: New Channel Partner