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TRANS AURIGA: New channel partner

on October 5, 2020 No comments

Founded in 2017, TRANS AURIGA GmbH – Smart Solutions is specialized in consulting, organizing and handling all operational issues in the project forwarding sector the world over.

As of recently, TRANS AURIGA is now a channel partner of Hanhaa’s multimodal, IoT cargo tracking solution, ParceLive.

TRANS AURIGA are more than just a logistics company. Their customer portfolio includes small companies as well as SMEs and corporate groups. To understand their range of services in more depth, they have broken them down into four sectors.

Transport logistics / TA pure: Transport cargo from A to B finding the best, quickest, cheapest and safest route by road, rail, water or air. 

Project logistics / TA flex: The handling of tricky logistical tasks which requires high levels of coordination. TRANS AURIGA will take care of everything from Packaging, supplier call-offs, cranes, documentation, assembly and construction logistics and whatever else comes up.

Logistics advice / TA consult: With a wealth of experience in logistics, TRANS AURIGA can provide consulting on best practices to manage logistical processes, provide additional expertise on unusual projects and much more.

Logistics department / TA complete: TRANS AURIGA can act as your logistics department. They take over as a neutral service provider, optimise processes and even handle the operational business – always in close coordination with the customer.

“At TRANS AURIGA we are always focused on offering a smooth and efficient experience with all projects. In recent months we have seen a greater desire amongst our customers for added visibility when transporting their cargo around the world. For this reason we feel ParceLive is the ideal solution to maximize customer satisfaction.”

Tobias Pisall, Managing Partner, TRANS AURIGA.

Tracking the movement of goods today is still fragmented by region and mode. Many processes still rely on phone calls and emails. The supply network involves multiple touchpoints. Manufacturers, suppliers, and customers need visibility and access to accurate, up-to-date information at every point along the way. IoT applications such as ParceLive provide the data they require to optimize logistics and transportation processes.

Strengthened by advanced technologies, sensors, and a strong informed supply network, businesses will be able to predict, correct, and even prevent problems such as inventory outages, failed equipment, poor environmental conditions, and safety hazards before they occur, keeping their supply chains running at optimal efficiency.

“For companies like TRANS AURIGA, ParceLive fills in the gaps and creates a seamless, predictable, and enormously more efficient supply stream. It’s great to see Tobias and his team leveraging new levels of connectivity to ensure everyone is well informed with their multiple operations around the world.”

Azhar Hussain, CEO & Founder, Hanhaa.

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