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A new way to prevent vaccines from getting spoiled

on November 25, 2020 No comments
The greatest logistics challenge of the century. That’s the challenge pharma companies are facing as we await emergency use authorization for the new COVID-19 vaccines.
To deliver 10 billion doses of vaccine around the globe (2 doses per person over a period of 3-4 weeks are necessary for vaccination to work) a safe transport of approximately 15 million cooling boxes is required. But the most important keyword is SAFE.
Safe delivery of COVID-19 vaccines is infinitely more complex and more challenging than the delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) and test kits out of Asia. To deliver the COVID-19 vaccine safely, an unbroken cold chain must be maintained. And while different vaccines require different temperatures, the most important thing to understand is: If the cold chain is broken at any time during transit, all the vaccine becomes spoiled!
There are many ways the cold chain can get broken during transport (this often happens due to human error) but if it does happen… if the cold chain gets broken and thus the vaccine becomes spoiled, the life-saving vaccine suddenly turns into a killer!
Getting a shot of an ineffective vaccine (spoiled by the broken cold chain) is worse than not getting any vaccine at all! A spoiled/ineffective vaccine is a silent killer because people who think they’ve been vaccinated will let their guard down whereas, in reality, they have not.
So, safe vaccine delivery and an unbroken cold chain in COVID-19 logistics is paramount. Cooling boxes by themselves don’t guarantee an unbroken cold chain. Many things can go wrong, not least due to human error. 
To guarantee that the cold chain during the entire journey of the vaccine transport truly remains unbroken, new technology has emerged. A robust, real-time, multimodal, IoT smart tracker equipped with a variety of sensors developed by the engineers of the London-based company Hanhaa, continuously tracks and monitors the temperature of the vaccine from the moment it was put into the cooling box until the vaccine is delivered to its destination. 

If at any time, the temperature of the vaccine in transport deviates from the temperature that’s required to keep the vaccine effective (and prevent it from getting spoiled), an alert is instantaneously sent to the logistics manager. This technology makes it possible to immediately identify and discard those vaccine batches that get spoiled by accidental exposure to higher than required temperatures. 

And when it comes to transport by air — an estimated 15,000 flights will be required to distribute the coronavirus vaccine around the world — Hanhaa’s smart tech automatically senses when an aircraft takes off, puts itself into a safe flight mode and transmits all the data recorded during the flight immediately upon landing. So, if the cold chain is broken during the flight or during the transit phase on land for any reason, the responsible logistics managers will be immediately notified and will know exactly which vaccine batches have to be discarded.

Many companies such as Bio Pharma Logistics rely on Hanhaa’s smart tracking and monitoring services to guarantee that the cold chain in logistics and delivery for their products remains unbroken. 
Contact Hanhaa today for more information to help you ensure safety and an unbroken cold chain for your cargo.
CallumA new way to prevent vaccines from getting spoiled