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ParceLive Cargo Tracking from A to Z

on December 10, 2020 No comments

What’s the best way to track your cargo throughout the supply chain?

Are you looking to track and monitor shipments within your country or are you considering tracking solutions for international delivery?

… Do you need a reliable freight tracker that would allow you to monitor shipment’s such as air freight/air cargo? Or perhaps you require a container tracking system for worldwide shipping by sea?

You might be surprised to learn about all the different industries and the different types of cargo that rely on ParceLive for additional visibility into their shipments location, security and condition.

ParceLive isn’t just well suited for tracking the location and condition of parcels and pallets, but it’s also frequently used by a whole host of different organisations for GPS shipment tracking of large cargo the world over.

To give you a better idea of the sheer number and the surprising variety of different applications for the ParceLive service, here’s a partial A to Z list demonstrating real life ParceLive use cases over the last few years for shipment and delivery tracking…

From A as in automotive parts just-in-time supply chain monitoring and transparency assurance

For just-in-time (JIT) production and manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry, you need to maintain full transparency and high visibility within your supply chain. This is especially true when dealing with global supply chain processes across country borders. No matter how scattered your supply chain is across different regions and countries, the ParceLive service assures that you can keep your competitive advantage. With ParceLive you’ll be able to pinpoint (at any time and with precise GPS accuracy) where any given part currently is in your multinational automotive supply chain.

…to B as in brand protection against counterfeiters who replace genuine products with fake products or dangerous ingredients

Any unauthorized opening of the sealed boxes and containers is instantly registered and immediately reported along with the exact time and GPS location. This prevents counterfeiters from ruining the reputation of your brand and provides you with evidence for legal action and insurance claims. What’s more, ParceLive has a stationary feature which enables you to see how long your cargo has not moved from one location which may indicate suspicious activity if the cargo in transit has not moved for an extended period of time.

…to C as in confectionery to ensure that chocolate pralines don’t get ruined by too hot, too cold or too humid conditions in transport

You might be surprised to learn that to avoid getting spoiled, chocolate and confectionery must be kept not just cool but must also be stored and transported at a humidity within a precisely defined range. If there’s too much moisture in the air or if the air is too dry, chocolate and confectionery can become spoiled very easily. And as far as the temperature goes, both too warm and too cold temperatures can have a damaging effect on chocolate products and confectionery. The ParceLive real-time tracking service helps to ensure that chocolate and confectionery products are always kept at the right temperature and humidity during transport. If sensor readings are outside of the defined parameters, users will be instantly alerted to the damage that is being caused.

 …to D as in damage prevention for fragile items

(thanks to real-time shock, bump, impact and tilt detection)

Fragile goods aren’t just glass and porcelain items. Many other things such as optical instruments, technological accessories, laboratory materials, valuable collectibles and even things like marble and tiles are fragile and require special care, whether you are shipping them to the nearest city or halfway around the world. By providing real-time bump, shock, impact and tilt detection, ParceLive can guarantee that your freight/cargo as well as the individual parcels and boxes will always be handled with care — during the entire time they are in transport.

…to E as in electronics that must be protected from theft in transport

High value electronics are often the target of thieves. Especially when shipping large numbers of these products. ParceLive can guarantee that all your sealed cargo boxes and containers remain unopened until delivery to their destination. In case of an unauthorized opening you’ll be immediately alerted with the exact time and the GPS location. This gives you legal evidence for insurance or damage claims and ensures that your shipping contractors take special care for protecting your products from theft.

…to F as in fresh flowers that need perfect temperature and humidity in transport

Shipping fresh flowers and living plants isn’t easy. Precisely the right temperature and humidity must be maintained at all times. The ParceLive service continuously monitors those conditions and alerts you immediately when any of the specified conditions have been breached. This empowers you to take instant action and to ensure that upon delivery your products will be in perfect condition.

…to G as in gold bullion safety guarantee and theft prevention in shipping
(also tracking jewelry shipments to customers who order online)

To guarantee the safety and security of gold bullions during shipment and to guarantee impeccable delivery of any other high value items (inside the sealed parcels) the ParceLive service doesn’t just give you real-time GPS shipment tracking, it also allows you to track exactly when and where your sealed parcel has been opened. 

Your customer can then easily return the ParceLive tracker by simply placing it into a post box. No franking necessary! Just one press of a button and the correct return address of the nearest Hanhaa fulfilment center will automatically appear on the ParceLive tracker. Peace of mind and guaranteed genuine delivery for your happy customers as well as secure shipment tracking and ensured profits for your business.

…to P as in pharmaceutical cargo real-time theft protection and cold chain assurance

Many pharmaceutical products, drugs, vaccines and items for medical treatment require special care during transport. Not only must the cold chain always remain unbroken during shipment (everything must be kept within a precisely defined temperature range and humidity) but also the items must be protected against theft and unauthorized access. The ParceLive service offers all that and more. Any breach of the specified conditions will be immediately sent to you as an alert along with the precise GPS coordinates.

…to R as in refrigerated food cold chain guarantee in logistics

To keep your favorite foods fresh, a lot of produce, meat, fish and related products must be kept refrigerated or frozen not just in storage but also during the entire time in transport. This is often referred to as keeping the cold chain unbroken. The ParceLive service is the perfect solution to guarantee that the cold chain remains unbroken.

…to S as in spirits and wine shipment security guarantee

It should come as no surprise that spirits and wine are prone to theft in transport. But you might find it surprising to learn that wine corks require specific temperature and humidity conditions in order to keep wine sealed properly and to ensure that quality wine arrives in perfect condition at its end destination. That’s why the ParceLive shipment tracking service is a top choice for wine producers and spirits distributors alike.

…to V as in renowned violins of Stradivari that require pristine climate conditions and gentle handling in transport

When shipping centuries-old, highly-prized, renowned instruments like Stradivarius violins (or artworks of any kind) ParceLive is the number one choice to ensure that not only the perfect temperature and humidity are always maintained in transport but to also guarantee that this valuable cargo is always handled gently in transport. Not to forget: Tracking the precise GPS location of the items at all times until delivery to the final destination.

…to W as in wind turbines and cranes to keep them safe from theft and to ensure their delivery on-time

Heavy machinery and oversized goods like wind turbines and cranes are worth millions of dollars. This makes them vulnerable to theft when shipping such items halfway around the world. And when multi-billion dollar project deadlines depend on things like construction trains, you must ensure that they arrive on-time. ParceLive is perfectly suited to track and trace the exact GPS location of such enormously large, bulky “parcels” at all times.

  …to Z as in zoo animal and house pet safety and wellbeing assurance in transport

Whether you are shipping a pair of zebras to a zoo or need to transport a beloved pet to your new home in a different country, you always want to make sure that the perfect safety and the wellbeing of the animals is maintained at all times during transport. And you also want to track their location on their journey to your destination. The ParceLive service will provide you with added peace of mind because it’s perfectly designed for real-time monitoring of not just the GPS location but also allows you to monitor the environment and the conditions inside the crates of your animals and to ensure that those crates are always handled with care.

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