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ShipChain: New Channel Partner

on August 22, 2019 No comments

Founded in 2017, ShipChain is on a mission to solve the greatest problems facing the logistics industry. Through the application of blockchain technology, ShipChain is actively making transport and logistics more effective, secure, and transparent.

Shipping and logistics are the backbone that support our entire modern civilization. With this in mind, 40% of global manufacturers lack information and material visibility across their supply bases. The key problems that are prevalent today for supply chain professionals are poor tracking, lack of transparency, no accountability with regards to lost or stolen shipments, middleman mark-up, misaligned incentives, and fragmentation.

To combat these issues, ShipChain has created the Track & Trace platform that unifies tracking across the entire supply chain between all carriers. With ShipChain’s technology, each step in the supply chain is documented on an immutable ledger that boots visibility, which in turn reduces risks of fraud and theft. It also helps to eliminate any middleman mark-up costs as brokers are no longer necessary due to the nature of smart contracts. Through incentivized responsibility, operators can be rewarded for using efficient transport routes or for delivering goods on time.

ShipChain’s vision for the future is simple. Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain – from the moment it leaves the factory, to delivering the finished product to the customer’s doorstep – federated in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts.

“Similar to Hanhaa’s overall mission, we aim to provide the supply chain and logistics industry with as much security and visibility over their supply chain operations as possible. Partnering with ParceLive to provide an additional means for our customers to input and validate data strengthens our platform, and now, we are in a more comfortable position to expand our services globally.”

John Monarch, CEO, ShipChain
CallumShipChain: New Channel Partner