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Shareable link: Instantly view a customer journey on the ParceLive portal!

on April 2, 2020 No comments

There’s a good chance by now that you’ve heard about our cargo tracking and monitoring solution, ParceLive. You’re probably aware of its multiple sensor technology, you may have heard about its innovative returns process, its long battery life, multi-modal capabilities, white labelling opportunities, and so much more!

But how will it work for you and your business? What does it feel and look like to monitor your cargo all over the world, in a simple and hassle free manner, right from the comfort of your office…well, home office.

For the first time, Hanhaa is now enabling those curious about applying ParceLive to their supply chain operations to get a look and feel for real life journeys on the ParceLive portal. In order for those curious to check out a journey on the portal, one must pay attention to the steps below so that navigating the platform and its many features is made more simple.

Step 1:  Watch the end customer – portal guide demonstration video. This video will guide you through the basics of using the portal.

Step 2: Click this link to access the portal and to view a ParceLive journey.

Step 3: When you first click the link above in ‘Step 2’, you will only be presented with the latest ParceLive ping. To view the full journey, follow the instructions as followed…

Click the settings icon:

Then click ‘full journey’:

Et voilà. You should now be able to see the full journey as depicted below:

The applications for ParceLive are endless and we as a company are still finding new industries that see great value in our service. If you want to learn more about ParceLive, a Hanhaa representative will always be available for a chat. Click the button below and get in touch with us today.

CallumShareable link: Instantly view a customer journey on the ParceLive portal!