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5 ParceLive features that separate Hanhaa from the competition

on March 26, 2020 No comments

1) 65+ Days Battery Life:

Unbeknownst to many, ParceLive’s battery life is one of the most superior on the market. There are many ParceLive users who frequently ship cargo to the furthest stretches of the earth and in doing so, require a monitoring solution that can last the distance, all the while providing the user with updates on the location, condition and security of their cargo.


ParceLive’s profile feature allows users to customize the behavior of the device during the tracking phase. Customers can configure the sets of data that they want to be alerted on and determine the frequency at which this data is reported back to them.

Recognising the needs of the various industries that use ParceLive for specific goods and shipments helps to understand how profiling can vary from user to user.

Those who work in the pharmaceutical supply chain require ParceLive to report back frequently on temperature and humidity. These variables however do not apply to supply chain professionals working in automotive who are more interested in knowing whether not shipments have been subject to impact or shock.

Pharma profile

The frequency at which data is being reported on will have an impact on battery life consumption. Those ParceLive users shipping from Europe to Australia and beyond will therefore require less frequent updates, perhaps every 4-5 hours, allowing the tracker to function for 65+ days.

2) Multimodal:

The ParceLive tracker is multimodal meaning that it is able to record data regardless of transportation method.


ParceLive has a flight mode that enables the device to detect both acceleration and pressure to signal that the tracker is now airborne.

During the course of the flight, ParceLive will still record all data from the entirety of the journey. When the plane eventually comes to land, all data from the flight will be made readily available via the ParceLive portal.


ParceLive’s sensor technology has proved time and time again its capabilities to report back on data, even when cargo is in the middle of the ocean.

Example sea journey

On the odd occasion, there will be times when the ParceLive tracker is temporarily unavailable to provide real-time data on the cargos location and condition. Similar to when in flight, ParceLive will still record all data from the journey and report back to the user once a signal has been found again.

We realise that knowing the location of sea freight at all times is imperative for certain industries. For this reason, Hanhaa have integrated with a telematics platform called McFleet. Through this integration, ParceLive users will always be able to know the exact location of the sea fairing vessel carrying the cargo. In addition, McFleet enables ParceLive users to create geofences so that custom alerts can be received when entering into certain territories.


ParceLive’s smart sensor technology enables users to be informed on their cargo’s whereabouts and condition, regardless of how remote the location may be.

At Hanhaa, we are frequently asked if ParceLive can still transmit data back to the portal when placed in large, steel containers. The simple answer is, 100% yes. One Hanhaa channel partner transports German sports cars from Germany to China. The ParceLive trackers are placed inside the boot of the cars, which are then loaded onto steel containers. ParceLive has no issues throughout the entirety of the journey finding a signal and relaying back this data.

3) Big and Small Cargo:

No Goliath is more important than any David (or vice versa!). Hanhaa developed, and continues to develop, its hardware- and software-based ParceLive solution with both ends of the spectrum in mind. One should not be fooled or misled by the name ParceLive. Although the tracker is extremely suitable for small to medium sized shipments, ParceLive is also regularly applied to much larger shipments.

Transportation of ship-to-shore gangway

Consider that many large items such as ship-to-shore gangways and wind turbines will eventually need to be inspected with some expensive and bulky components needing to be replaced.

Knowing where those assets originally came from, what pallet and in what location they currently reside upon or within, and what laboratory they got their metallurgical certifications could all help speed the replacement process while also pointing back, historically, to how they got to a pre-deployment location in the first place.

4) Leasing and Returning:

Channel partners and ParceLive users do not purchase the trackers, they purchase journeys. The main reason Hanhaa functions in this manner is so that customers do not have to deal with all the operational hassle and pain of having to deal with the trackers before and after use.

Once a ParceLive tracker has finished its journey and is sent back to a Hanhaa fulfilment centre (free of charge!), the trackers are recharged and updated ready for their next journey.

All the customer needs to do is let us know where to send the trackers and within days they’ll be ready for action.

5) Branding / White label

Channel partners of Hanhaa have the opportunity to make the tracker their own. A fantastic example of this can be seen with our close friends at Hellmann Worldwide logistics.

As a reseller of ParceLive, Hellmann have plenty of freedom to market and present the tracker in any way they see fit. You may have seen Hellmann and their ‘smart visibility solution’ knocking around online or at conferences the world over.

With a high volume of journeys purchased every month, the pricing of journeys is dramatically decreased. This means that Hellmann can then sell journeys to their customers at a higher price, therefore making profit as well as differentiating themselves through enhanced service delivery.

Callum5 ParceLive features that separate Hanhaa from the competition