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Hanhaa’s commitment during COVID-19

on March 20, 2020 No comments

The supply chain is the network that keeps a business alive. We understand that all businesses the world over have been hit hard by COVID-19, allowing us to quickly realise where our armour is most penetrable, and in turn, devising and seeking new and improved solutions.

Those who work in supply chain or logistics are having to deal with so many intricate parts, numerous stakeholders and endless products, meaning that maintaining a healthy supply chain can prove rather troublesome.

What we have now come to understand more than ever, is that supply chain disruption is a matter of when, not if. In the face of global disaster, companies must now adapt and evolve and in doing so, learn from the turmoil the world is facing so that processes can become more streamlined, efficient and reliable.

So in these testing times where visibility and being proactive is key, the team and I at Hanhaa wanted to ensure you that while we may not be “in the office” physically, we will be working remotely each day to ensure that your business is prepared for what’s to come – no matter the challenges that are thrown our way. 

We need to drive demand like never before. We should not be doing the job of the government or the chief medical officer, we should be doing our own – with full fervour – for the good of businesses across the world.

Look after yourself, look after your brand and together, we will get through this.


Best Regards,

Azhar Hussain

CEO & Founder

CallumHanhaa’s commitment during COVID-19