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ParceLive coverage in South America

on May 15, 2019 No comments

ParceLive is a real-time parcel tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, carrier or scale. At Hanhaa, regular ParceLive tests are carried out so that customers do not come across any technical issues when tracking shipments. One of Hanhaa’s top priorities when it comes to testing is to ensure that ParceLive’s GPS coverage is consistent and effective, regardless of location. One way of doing this is to provide a Hanhaa associate with the ParceLive tracker as they travel to a particular destination.

Nudrat Chagtai, having spent over 20 years working in London (and a close friend of Hanhaa), decided to take a journey of self-discovery to South America. The journey lasted roughly 20 weeks with the ParceLive tracker detailing her route. With GPS pings from the tracker programmed to set off at particular intervals during her journey, the location and condition of the tracker was recorded and the results displayed on the ParceLive dashboard. Thanks to Nudrat, the team at Hanhaa were able to test and confirm the tracker’s GPS coverage and see how it performed, even in the most remote areas. The article below details Nudrat’s journey whilst ParceLive helps to reveal a visual representation of where she travelled to.

Nudrat's South American Journey

Nudrat’s journey began on the 18th of November, 2018, where she flew from London, Heathrow, to Santiago, Chile. The ParceLive tracker began recording data on the 26th November when Nudrat had travelled to the south of Chile, Puerto Natales. From here, Nudrat made here way through Argentina where she enrolled in some Spanish classes, immersing herself in the local culture. As Christmas approached, Nudrat had not made any concrete plans but while researching flights she found a bargain deal to Easter Island, and thought this would be an exciting option.

Easter Island, Chile 25/12/18

Easter Island, Chile 25/12/18

From Easter Island, Nudrat made her way back to Argentina, Buenos Aires, eventually taking multiple bus journeys to arrive in Uyuni, Bolivia. It was in Bolivia, Copacabana, where Nudrat unfortunately lost her phone to the depths of Lake Titicaca. Although Nudrat’s phone was lost, solace can be found in knowing the ParceLive tracker was safe. In fact, Nudrat comments, “the tracker has such a long battery life, I forgot that it was even in my travel bag!”.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia 09/02/19

Moving on from Bolivia, Nudrat took an overnight bus journey to Arequipa, Peru, eventually making her way to Machu Picchu. Macchu Picchu left Nudrat standing in awe at the surrounding beauty. Nudrat comments:

“I wandered around there on my own…the mountains are so beautiful whilst the landscape and the villages surrounding Cusco, in the Sacred Valley, are just so breath-taking. I felt as if I was connected with the mountains. I’ve never felt like that before. I’d love to go and live there”.

Nudrat Chagtai

Macchu Picchu, Peru 18/02/19

Leaving the beauty of Peru behind, Nudrat travelled briefly to Ecuador, eventually arriving at Bogota, Colombia. After exploring Colombia and experiencing it’s beauty, Nudrat eventually travelled back to London, bringing with her a thirst for more adventure and feeling blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel in South America.

Bogota, Colombia 11/03/19

With ParceLive by Nudrat’s side, the entirety of her journey was captured and displayed via the ParceLive dashboard. The team at Hanhaa have full clarity as to where Nudrat went, what routes she took to get to particular destinations and what the conditions would have been like. Tests such as these prove the integrity of the ParceLive tracker and its ability to relay important information to the shipper. Data from the whole delivery supply-chain is presented to the user in real-time. For example, if a package has been dropped, been stored at the wrong temperature or if it has been tampered with, the user has access to this information and can act accordingly. In Nudrat’s case, Capturing the journey in such detail allows her to look back and analyse the routes she took. Having her journey clearly mapped out will provide her with a good point of reference if she were to ever return and discover more of what South America has to offer.

CallumParceLive coverage in South America