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Webinar: TE Tech Talk with Hanhaa

on May 20, 2019 No comments

As the world becomes increasingly connected, tech entrepreneurs are partnering with engineers and manufacturers to develop ground-breaking solutions for integrating technology.

On May 21st, join Azhar Hussain, CEO at Hanhaa and Christian Koehler, Senior Product Manager at TE Connectivity to learn how TE and Hanhaa are partnering to solve wireless connectivity. Together with Avnet, TE Connectivity developed an antenna solution for Hanhaa’s ParceLive, an IoT-enabled package-tracking device. As the team quickly learned, coming up with the right idea was only the beginning. Building it, testing it, and bringing it to market was altogether different, requiring the know-how of electronics engineers versed in solving for IoT connectivity.

TE work closely with tech entrepreneurs to develop connectivity and sensor solutions for opportunities around IoT, IIoT, 5G, V2X, and more. Through these collaborations, their engineers are helping established and emerging innovators solve the complex requirements involved in building transformative technology.

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CallumWebinar: TE Tech Talk with Hanhaa