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Hanhaa launches Mobile Network

on February 23, 2017 No comments

Hanhaa has announced the launch of Hanhaa Mobile. The company’s very own mobile network will become the first global network dedicated to parcels, connecting the logistics industry in ways never before possible. Hanhaa Mobile will enable Hanhaa’s live parcel tracking service, ParceLive, to run entirely through the companies own network. Each ParceLive tracking device will come equipped with an embedded Hanhaa Mobile SIM ensuring that the parcel that it is inside will remain connected. This means that from almost anywhere in the world your parcel will be able to report back on its location, condition and security in real time.

By creating a mobile network for parcels Hanhaa has brought the Internet of Things into Logistics in a very real way. Having live data streaming from inside of parcels will give users a live look into not just one delivery, but exactly what is happening across their entire supply chain. Connecting parcels to each other through a singular network means that users can now make shipments, orders and deliveries in the knowledge that they will always have eyes on their parcel irrespective of the country or carrier that has possession of it, a never before seen capability.

Hanhaa will use its own embedded SMS

Cross border e-commerce in the EU is growing annually at 11% and, with international shipping growing at around twice the rate of internal, ParceLive has placed itself perfectly to become a global tracking solution.

ParceLive will be connected by Hanhaa Mobile

With expensive and limited solutions available in the cross border tracking industry ParceLive’s return and reuse model means that the service is a low cost, profitable and practical solution. Aside from tracking location internationally ParceLive also has the capability to tell users in real time if their parcel has been dropped, opened, tilted or exposed to heat or humidity from almost anywhere in the world.

Hanhaa Mobile works in partnership with BICS and has access to over 500 global networks ensuring that ParceLive cements itself as a global solution. This additionally means that Hanhaa is not reliant upon any third party connectivity in order to provide the service.

Mikael Schachne, VP Mobility Solution at BICS said “BICS global roaming and messaging services were made to enable IoT solutions like ParceLive…We are confident that our data services and cross-border functionality will ensure that Hanhaa’s global parcel tracking solution works flawlessly.”

There are also added benefits to security that stem from Hanhaa using its own Mobile Network for connectivity. Data sent from ParceLive trackers will remain under the Hanhaa umbrella from the point it reaches the sensor of the tracker all the way until it is displayed in Hanhaa’s own web portal. This ensures data is never passed through the public internet as Hanhaa is its own Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Moving forward Hanhaa Mobile will ensure that Hanhaa has the footing to become the provider of the next generation of The Internet Things with its all in one connectivity packages. To learn more about Hanhaa Mobile and the services that it offers head to Hanhaamobile.

Stephen HartnettHanhaa launches Mobile Network