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ParceLive receives aviation certification from Swiss World Cargo

on June 7, 2018 No comments

This week Hanhaa received notification that the trackers which provide the data for the ParceLive service have been aviation certified for safe use on board aircraft by Swiss World Cargo. While ParceLive trackers have for some time adhered to and exceeded all of the standards for radio transmitting devices on board aircraft this weeks’ certification see’s this work formally recognised by the industry.

ParceLive trackers themselves allow for users across the world to track not only the real-time GPS location of their shipments but also the temperature, humidity and information on whether a box has been dropped or opened as well as its orientation. With a use and return model ParceLive is offered as a data as a service model, with each tracker equipped with a return postal license that displays on a small Eink display.

ParceLive enables users to track shipments globally

The aviation certification comes after months of development from the Hanhaa engineering team to ensure that all areas of documentation were fully adhered to, implemented and presented. Extensive testing was carried out at the TUV SUD, LUX TSI & York EMC laboratories in order to validate the software development required to shut down the ParceLive radios while on board aircraft.

With a growing number of Internet of Things devices and tracking products available on the market gaining flight certification puts ParceLive into a small and prestigious group of tracking devices labelled safe for air transportation. Globally connected via the Hanhaa Mobile Network ParceLive ensures a direct connection to shipments worldwide no matter the carrier. In an industry clambering for supply chain visibility ParceLive provides thousands of standardised and unique data points irrespective of the carrier or location.

The service is currently live tracking shipments across the globe with an ever-expanding list of customers and use cases. From food to medicine, phones to laptops and everything in between the 6 sensors of ParceLive have endless applications. To find out more and to register your interested in ParceLive click the link below:

Stephen HartnettParceLive receives aviation certification from Swiss World Cargo