It's all about the return!

In order to make ParceLive a low cost and sustainable service we need each tracker to be returned to us after tracking for charging, servicing and re-use. But don’t worry, its probably much easier than you think!






Remove the tracker from the parcel that is inside.

Push the button. This will indicate that the tracking period has finished and will prompt the screen to change to a return address.

Place the tracker by itself in any post box and that's it you're done! There's no need to put on any stamps or to add additional packaging, simply push and post.

It's taken care of

ParceLive supports global tracking and trackers can be returned free of charge and without the need for stamps or additional packaging from any of the following countries.

My tracker won’t display a return address

If your tracker arrived damaged or for some reason will not display a return address on the screen their are two things that you can do to return it and avoid any lost fees.

1. Contact Hanhaa within 3 days of receiving your tracker and quote the tracking ID to receive a free return pouch.

2. Place the tracker inside of a sealed envelope and mail to:

Hanhaa GenX Unit 507, Cocoa Building, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Drummond Road, London SE16 4DG, United Kingdom

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