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Hanhaa Presents at Microsoft Build 2018

on May 9, 2018 No comments

This week Hanhaa presented, and ran demos, at the Microsoft Build Conference in Seattle, Washington, United States. Held annually, Build is an event run by Microsoft aimed at showcasing new features and solutions surrounding the company’s Windows, Windows Phone and Azure technologies amongst others.

Speaking in the session ‘BRK2419 Smarter data analysis with JavaScript and Azure ML functions in Excel’ Hanhaa Software Engineer Adrien Ferreira demonstrated the capabilities of one of Hanhaa’s Internet of Things solutions Symbisa. Symbisa is a combined IoT device and connectivity solution for those looking to quickly, easily and painlessly deploy their own IoT solutions. Symbisa’s hardware carries multiple sensors enabling users to track everything from GPS location and altitude through to temperature, light, orientation and humidity.

Data from Symbisa devices feeds directly into Microsoft Excel through a plugin for Microsoft Office 365 meaning that anyone with access to a spreadsheet can now retrieve data from what’s important to them within minutes. With embedded sensors, ready to go connectivity and a live feed into Microsoft Office Symbisa, unlike many IoT solutions, requires no coding or engineering experience and is ready to go straight out of the box.

Each Symbisa sensor is associated with a number of custom functions in Microsoft Office 365 Excel, as are pre-configured events. Excel users can easily auto-complete data streams directly into worksheet cells.

Ben Summers, Senior Product Manager for the Office 365 Ecosystem team at Microsoft said; “The Symbisa product taps into the power and reach of Excel and empowers people to build simple, powerful IoT experiences and insights with ease. Symbisa’s Excel add-in is a great example of how partners are unlocking new possibilities by analysing and drawing insight from IoT devices.”

Symbisa is now available for purchase in North America through an exclusive distribution agreement with Premier Farnell and Newark element14 here. Those in Europe and the rest of the world can register interest here in time for wider release later in 2018.

To find out more information about Hanhaa and Symbisa click here.

Stephen HartnettHanhaa Presents at Microsoft Build 2018