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Hi Tech Supply Chain Summit Europe

on April 23, 2018 No comments

We are delighted to announce that from the 24 – 25th of April Hanhaa will be in attendance at the EFT 12th Annual Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit Europe. Ricardo Chedrauy (COO, Hanhaa) with be joined along with representatives of Arrow, Nokia and Fraunhofer in a panel session to discuss the Internet of Things and the emerging opportunities that IOT can offer. This will mark the first time Hanhaa will be in attendance at the summit, which is an exciting opportunity for us to share our views on the state of hi-tech & electronics supply chains.

Ricardo Chedrauy (COO) will take part in a panel discussion

The 12th Hi-tech Supply Chain Summit boasts an impressive list of industry leaders from some of the most cutting-edge technology manufacturers to innovative technology services assembled in one location to discuss some the difficulties that technology companies are facing and how we can develop solutions to overcome these challenges. The event will feature over 150 senior executives from a range of diverse sectors, with more than 25 speakers in attendance. This is an incredible opportunity for you and your company to learn valuable information and to arm you with the knowledge of how to solidify your supply chain and remain ahead of competitors in this ever-changing landscape.

The summit will cover key areas regarding the landscape of hi-tech and electronic industries such as the innovative ways companies can tackle the hi-tech supply chains rigorous demands and a competitive edge. The symbiotic relationship between the technology and the workforce; integrating new technologies seamlessly, avoiding disruptive forces and maximise productivity. Re-educating the workforce to adapt to the digital transformation, reducing the skill gap among workers and to expedite the technological innovations within the supply chain.

The panel session will center around The Internet of Things – Technological Convergence and Manufacturing. The panel includes a host of knowledgeable industry leaders in the IOT sector; Martin Stockmann (Retail Logistics, Fraunhofer IML), Roberto Pasti (IoT OEM Manager, Arrow Electronics ), Joris Peeters (Allocation & Delivery Planning Director, Nokia) and our very own COO Ricardo Chedrauy.

With the number of connected devices increasing yearly at a substantial rate, it is important for manufacturers to take advantage of the emerging opportunities offered by IoT in the supply chain. The panel session aims to discuss the integration of IoT in relation to tracking technology. Key areas within this will include:

Taking tracking technology to the next level: How current manufacturers are leading the supply chain through the implementation of interconnected tracking devices on long-range networks. This provides manufacturers and level of insight like never before. Problematic areas that were hard to pinpoint, are brought to the forefront through data, allowing manufacturers to rectify the areas of concern and maximise efficiency.


The implementation of an effective IoT strategy:  The true power of IoT is not centred on “things” rather it is how the people interact with the operation and its ability to improve operational efficiency.  The panel will also explore how effective a pool of connected tools across the manufacturing process can be in the long run or whether retrofitting current machinery with RFID tags is a viable option for long-term efficacy.


Real-time Analytical data: The panel will explore the benefits associated with a pool of connected tools within the manufacturing process. The data can provide manufacturers with a level of insight that was not previously possible which can be used to create better planning, forecasting, and risk analysis.

The summit represents a fantastic opportunity for us to share our vision on the internet of things as well as offer insights into the amazing possibilities that connected tools and devices bring to the hi-tech and electronics industry. We strongly recommend exploring our website and the many products and services we offer. If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. For those who are in attendance, we look forward to connecting with you at the summit.

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