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ParceLive in 2018 – Tracking all over the world

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In 2018 ParceLive has been bringing insight to the supply chains of some of the world’s leading logistics operators including Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, DB Schenker and Avnet. With the first round of ParceLive mass production completed 12 months ago these trackers have been put to work this year- covering the globe communicating real time data to users.

After use ParceLive trackers are easily returned via freepost using postal networks from a growing list that currently contains 38 countries. This includes a return license from the United States Postal Service that enables trackers destined for North America to be seamlessly returned to the recently opened ParceLive fulfilment centre in Chicago.

Providing this global service is made possible via connectivity from Hanhaa’s own Mobile network, Hanhaa Mobile ensuring that real time data from shipments is available and secure from almost anywhere in the world. In total ParceLive has relayed more than 2 million data points on tracked shipments in 53 countries in 2018 including the UK, United States, El Salvador & Azerbaijan.

Here are some of the most interesting journeys that have been tracked using ParceLive in 2018.

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The 11,000+ miles from Austria to New Zealand

ParceLive offers users full visibility of their shipments through airports

Austria ⇒ New Zealand via road and air

Making the long journey across continents and oceans this shipment travelled the 11,454 miles from Innsbruck to Auckland with a quick stop in Qatar. With many supply chain incidents occurring as shipments pass through airports ParceLive gives full visibility on what is occurring at these locations. As this shipment arrived in the pacific island nation it hit a humidity high of 72%.

The northern most journey tracked by ParceLive went deep into the arctic circle

With temperatures down to -10c ParceLive was still relaying GPS location

Belgium ⇒ Svalbard, Norway via road & air (& maybe Husky)

Sitting just 700 miles from the North Pole Svalbard was the destination for this shipment, hitting a temperature low of -10 Centigrade or 14 Fahrenheit along the way. With industry leading design and components ParceLive ensures that users are still able to gain real time visibility with GPS accuracy on their supply chain even in the most extreme locations on the planet.

ParceLive connects you directly to your shipment irrespective of the carrier or country

Germany ⇒ China via road & rail

Travelling through 6 countries and taking more than 2 weeks ParceLive reported back on the status of this shipment to the user more than 800 times including 8 alerts that the shipment had been tilted. Understanding the orientation of your shipment is now a real capability for shippers all over the world whether their shipment is in front of their eyes or traversing the mountains of Kazakhstan.

Ensure you are ahead of any customs hold ups

The google maps feature on the ParceLive dashboard brings tracking to life

Mexico City, Mexico ⇒ Detroit, USA

Prolonged customs delays are a regular occurrence, particularly at the US/ Mexico border. This particular shipment from Mexico City to Detroit was one of the lucky ones and avoided any such delays at the border, however, if it had, the ParceLive user would have been the first to know.

Interested in illuminating your supply chain with ParceLive? Click the link below to receive more information from Hanhaa.

Stephen hartnettParceLive in 2018 – Tracking all over the world

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