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ShipChain: New Channel Partner

on August 22, 2019 No comments
Founded in 2017, ShipChain is on a mission to solve the greatest problems facing the logistics industry. Through the application of blockchain technology, ShipChain is actively making transport and logistics more effective, secure, and transparent.

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CallumShipChain: New Channel Partner

Video: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics & Hanhaa – Smart Visibility

on July 16, 2019 No comments
Ranked in the Top 30 Global Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) and headquartered in Osanbrueck, Germany, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics provides a host of solutions to customers across multiple sectors including automotive, healthcare and renewables. Adding ParceLive to the company’s offering is another example of Hellmann’s global service Internet of Things (IoT) offerings and drive to remain at the forefront of innovation within logistics.

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CallumVideo: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics & Hanhaa – Smart Visibility

Pegasus Logistics: New Channel Partner

on May 24, 2019 No comments
Since 1994, Pegasus Logistics Group has worked tirelessly to serve their customers with excellence and make a difference in the community. Pegasus is a market leader supporting client-centric transportation and logistics solutions, including time-definite shipping, project-intensive logistics, reverse logistics, managed delivery and final-mile customization. A defined focus and flexible network of partners gives Pegasus the ability to provide a highly managed delivery model utilizing proprietary technology and an exclusive approach to collaboration.

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Stephen hartnettPegasus Logistics: New Channel Partner

Parcel International: New channel partner

on May 7, 2019 No comments
Rotterdam, The Netherlands –  March 30th, 2019 – Parcel International announced that it will begin to offer ParceLive, a real-time parcel tracking device, on a global basis to its customers. By simply including a small ParceLive tracker, which is comprised of seven embedded sensors and cellular data connectivity, into any parcel, users are connected and able to receive complete insight into any shipment’s journey, regardless of where in the world the shipment is heading.

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Stephen hartnettParcel International: New channel partner