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Morpheus.Network partners with Hanhaa to deliver a fully integrated supply chain solution leveraging Blockchain and IoT

on October 24, 2019 No comments

Morpheus.Network is a SaaS middleware platform for seamlessly integrating legacy and emerging technologies. Founded in 2016, Morpheus.Network was designed in consultation with some of the world’s largest shipping, customs and banking firms with the aim to make logistics easier using blockchain, IoT and AI.

Hanhaa is an internet-of-things innovator. Hanhaa’s first integrated solution, ParceLive, is a real-time parcel tracking service that connects users to live information about the location, condition and security of their assets regardless of their country, carrier or scale.

ParceLive tracker

Global Trade Growth:

While globalization has driven trade growth 3.5 times since the 1980s to USD $16 Trillion, global supply chains have not kept pace. According to the World Bank, these inefficiencies have created a USD $2 Trillion opportunity.  Customs are overburdened with manual processes and have few tools to detect the entry of black market, counterfeit or contraband goods. While regulatory authorities struggle with the compliance of health, safety and security standards.

Whether you have already started on a digital transformation initiative of your global supply chains, or your project is still on the drawing board, there are two key challenges:

  1. Empower stakeholders with tools to add digital documentation for and shipping and regulatory compliance in an effective and timely manner.
  2. Create real time visibility into the shipment and product status.

Morpheus.Network and Hanhaa:

In order to create a transparent and efficient supply chain, Morpheus.Network have engaged in a strategic partnership with Hanhaa, an internet-of-things (IoT) innovator. Anyone familiar with Amazon Prime or DHL parcel shipping will appreciate the simplicity of the unique tracking code for shipment history and item visibility.

Together, Morpheus.Network and Hanhaa, provide supply chain managers with a complete Digital Footprint, providing shipment history and item visibility for optimizing safe and secure supply chains saving time and money. IoT provides the monitoring and tracking of assets and goods and blockchain provides an immutable record of truth for compliance events based on IoT data.

Safe for Sale:

Morpheus.Network’s middleware platform currently services the supply chains for cold chain pharma, agrifood, perishables and high value goods where a client requires to show the origin, provenance and authenticity of goods, regulatory compliance, shipping documentation and full visibility. A current use case for the adoption of Morpheus.Network’s platform is the import and export of Argentine beef to the United States of America.

What are the Business Benefits?

  1. Purchase Orders.  ERP integrations such as SAP ensure that orders are captured digitally at source.
  2. Digitize Regulatory Compliance and Shipping Documentation. Improved control and stakeholder accountability over complete process will reduce manual errors and costly delays such as demurrage, lowering OPEX and increasing profits.
  3. High Precision Inventory at Scale. IoT gives you real time visibility throughout the supply chain leading to a reduction in working capital requirements.
  4. Immutable Proof Of Delivery.  Effectively close the shipment and link core financial processes such as billing and payments, accounts receivable, payments and credit letters to convert shipments into cash.

“This strategic alliance proves we are delivering on our vision of a Digital Supply Chain. Combining Blockchain and IoT provides supply chain managers with automated workflows that increase visibility and accountability using multiple stakeholders while improving financial and operational metrics across the board.”

Karl McDermott, Global Head of Business Development, Morpheus.Network
CallumMorpheus.Network partners with Hanhaa to deliver a fully integrated supply chain solution leveraging Blockchain and IoT