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How ParceLive helps supply chain professionals realise ‘truth at scale’

on October 22, 2019 No comments

With nearly all eyes trained on the impending decision as to whether or not Britain will leave the European Union (EU) as well as speculating as to what that might mean for the soon-to-be former block of 28, business leaders the world over could be forgiven if they are growing increasingly frustrated at having to set up their own deals and backstops.

For those not expecting to feel the immediate impact of the ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’ vote on October 31st there is certainly no shortage of other trade-based news in which to wring one’s hands over, especially when it comes to cross-border and transoceanic trade tariffs and deals.

Instead of developing strategic plans and supply chain deals with the shelf-life of an already day-old loaf of bread, logisticians and business partners would be wise to invest their time, energy, and resources in technology that not only provides seamless tracking technology across borders, but also offers integrity and growth in the form of truth at scale.

This product, or ParceLive, is one of many offered by Hanhaa and is the turnkey solution to the stressed-out, news-weary strategic planner who is in need of an ideal means in which to scale a business by growing a new consumer base without losing oversight into the process or risking the company’s brand image should something go awry.

Here’s how…

Building trust beyond Brexit:

Regardless of how Brexit or other trade deals shake out in the near future, Hanhaa has stood the test of time and offered shippers the ability to track and monitor their goods in real time.

The company continues to innovate around their line of products and services by offering more and more channels for would-be sellers and buyers to monitor their products.

This is no more on display than in Hanhaa’s ParceLive tape deck-sized trackers, which alert multichannel partners to potential shipment breaches in the form of one of six monitors being ‘set off’ should a parcel be exposed to light, a variation in humidity, a shift in temperature, or an unanticipated stop enroute to a final destination.

When it comes to Brexit, though, it is the mobile tracking capabilities afforded the supplier that are already incorporated into ParceLive that truly set the product apart.

With global, cross-border ecommerce only likely to grow in the coming years, ParceLive and the team at Hanhaa want to ensure that even those shippers on the edges of the union get an equal opportunity to buy and sell goods.

Not only does this make good business sense, but it also empowers companies from the Far East to Eastern Europe when final deciding to grow their customer base in the face of political and economic turmoil.

Helping businesses achieve scale:

Before discussing growth, however, Hanhaa is careful to highlight to the entrepreneur that scale is truly what should be achieved first and foremost.

Take for instance, again, the scare tactics currently on display when talking about sourcing from China or shipping through the Balkans and ParceLive quickly becomes the partner of choice in ensuring integrity in not only product packaging, but large-container movements.

In other words, and when using this hardware-software offering, no product is too large or too small when it comes to taking advantage of the real-time data capture of cross-border trade.

This technology is critical in the face of European ecommerce sales exploding around the globe at a rate of nearly 12 percent year over year with estimates of this figure going to 17 percent by 2021 should the Far East continue its expansion into online shopping at nearly 20 percent per annum.

These are important considerations so that companies can maintain brand awareness and integrity and there is no better channel partner than Hanhaa.

Ensuring businesses grow in a sustainable way:

In returning to growth, the team at Hanhaa understands that achieving scale through truth and integrity in product offerings is a crucial first step when looking to expand beyond small trade unions and blocks.

ParceLive ensures not only the integrity of the product, but also helps those not currently on the map (or in the EU, for that matter) access potential clients and find new seller markets by creating data trails that are easily auditable and in compliance with food, drug, and medicinal organizations the world over.

By going beyond boundaries and other barriers, then, ParceLive creates the opportunity for entrepreneurs on both sides of the supply chain to gain access to sustainable markets in the form of 20 million consumers ready to shop, buy, and sell online.

While Hanhaa’s suite of online, virtual, and physical product offerings come as customizable packages for the news-weary corporate leader and his or her supply chain team, ParceLive is more than the short-term solution to Brexit and other trade negotiations on the continent and beyond.

To wit, this hardware-software combo delivers truth at scale before, during, and even after the political dust settles and enables business leaders to make better use of their time by envisioning a borderless future driven by the IoT and capitalizing on quickly moving into this space and building a strong customer base.

ParceLive may not solve for Brexit or other sticky economic situations now, or in the future, but it is steering the conversation and offering one solution as to how buyers and sellers can move beyond physical boundaries and achieve their own long-term, growth-based goals.

CallumHow ParceLive helps supply chain professionals realise ‘truth at scale’