Introducing SolarLiveMini


The SolarLiveMini is our solar powered gps tracking device for tracking outdoor assets and equipment, utilizing its solar-panel to recharge the battery. From full charge, SolarLiveMini offers  up to 1,500 pings and the ping frequency can be altered using the portal.

Identify bottlenecks and monitor assets and shipment conditions such as humidity, temperature, impact, light and more. Using low-powered 5G networks to track any of your assets for 7+ years.


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Use Cases

  • Multimodal High-Value Shipments

  • Land-Based High Value Shipments

  • Outdoor Tracking

  • Cargo Damage Control

  • Industrial Asset Monitoring

SolarLiveMini Parameters

Seamless outdoor tracking and solar powered gps tracking device

Key Features

Telematics Integration

Integrated telematics for all your information in one place, allowing API integration if necessary

Battery Life

Over 7 years with 1500+ pings

Configurable Alerting

With an integrated web portal, set up custom alets for the entirety of the journey

Motion Tracking, Triggering Updates

No matter where the asset is, get guaranteed motion tracking and over 1500 pings

5 On-Board Sensors

Customizable sensors for temperature, humidity, impact, light, and barometer pressure

Ultra Low Power Platform

Low powered means SolarLiveMini has a lifespan of over 7 years

Web Portal

Live updates viewable on Hanhaa web portal or sent directly to internal system via API

5G Networks

Using low-powered 5G networks to track any of your assets for over 7 years

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