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Make an Example of Hanhaa’s ParceLive – How else can it be used?

on June 17, 2019 No comments

Hanhaa wants to hear your ideas for how the ParceLive tracker could be used in creative ways, and if you can show it, you’ll be sent the hardware to trial your use-cases, demonstrating how it’s been used for free!

You will get access to the system where you can monitor the sensors and feedback from the device(s) and have it setup how you need it to report.

We expect you to blog about your use-case and how you’re putting the ParceLive tracker through it’s paces on the element14 community and element14 will send you a prize pack – in which they always include great tools to use on your workbench, from development boards to practical equipment!

If you want to be sent a ParceLive tracker for your use-case, you won’t have to pay for updates from the device, however if a tracker has not been returned back to Hanhaa after 60 days, Hanhaa will declare the tracker as lost and a fee of 100 Euros will be charged. If the end-user does not return the tracker after 60 days but has confirmed with Hanhaa that they are still able to return the tracker, Hanhaa will not apply lost fee charge.

Basically, don’t run off with it, and stay in communication and you’ll be fine.

More information ca be found on element14.com

Stephen hartnettMake an Example of Hanhaa’s ParceLive – How else can it be used?