Panellist discussion with EY: 5G and IoT

on September 23, 2019

On Wednesday 25th, Hanhaa will be joined by EY to discuss the challenges and opportunities that face many of the businesses stepping into the 5G and IoT space.

The discussion will be broken down into the four specified categories below:

  1. How will Enterprises work together and build trust in unfamiliar industries?
  2. What are the use cases of 5G and IoT that will really unlock their potential?
  3. How will companies make their 5G and IoT plans a reality?
  4. In which ways will businesses need to adapt their operations to be successful?

This panel session will consist of, Adrian Baschnonga, EY lead Telco analyst, Rahim Tafazolli, Professor at The University of Surrey, John Hicklin, Director at Iotic and our very own Azhar Hussain, CEO & Founder at Hanhaa.

The session will be recorded as part of a new video series called ‘Connectivity chats’ which will then be turned into a focused highlights video.

Watch this space!

CallumPanellist discussion with EY: 5G and IoT

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