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ParceLive at CSCMP Edge 2019

on September 4, 2019 No comments

Since 1963, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has been the preeminent worldwide professional association dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of research and knowledge on supply chain management.

CSCMP members represent a wide range of supply chain management industries, including: consulting, demand planning, finance, logistics and transportation, manufacturing operations, purchasing and procurement, real estate, sales and marketing, technology, third-party logistics services, and warehousing.

CSCMP’s mission is to lead the supply chain profession by connecting, developing, and educating the world’s logistics and supply chain management professionals through their careers.

From leading-edge content to cutting-edge supply chain solutions, EDGE reflects the unparalleled resources CSCMP offers today and symbolizes their unwavering commitment to supply chain in the future.

This summit promises to be a worthwhile event with many opportunities to create new Hanhaa partnerships so that together, we can deliver truth at scale. If you and your organisation are attending the summit, be sure to get in touch with us beforehand or keep an eye out for us during the event to discuss how you can be at the forefront of the IoT logistics market.

CallumParceLive at CSCMP Edge 2019