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Taking supply chain visibility to new levels

on July 24, 2018 No comments

Supply chain visibility is crucial for the success of any business. Supply chains today are facing increasing challenges, many driven by the growing requirements of consumers. Among the most noted challenges named by supply chain professionals in achieving supply chain visibility which, according to a study, has risen from the 6th most important strategic priority in 2015 to the 3rd.

However, even though shippers seem to value the accuracy of their insight only 6% of the companies interviewed consider to have achieved full supply chain visibility. 77% of the firms asked have either no visibility or a restricted view. The main reason lies in the complexity of the logistics process; almost 75% of respondents are using 4 or 5 different transportation services in their supply chain, the most popular being road and air shipments.

Increasing visibility within consignments is the main driver behind a company’s implementation of technology, accounting for 60% of respondents. While the use of technology for insight is widely recognised less than half of respondents stated that they are using advanced, innovative practices within their supply chain.

Many logistics professionals rely on GPS tracking on a vehicle level to enable supply chain visibility. Beside location of the parcels, shippers need to know more details about their shipments such as condition, expected time of delivery, as well as deviations from the norm.

Avnet & TE Connectivity helped Hanhaa to create an industry leading service

While GPS tracking on a truck level is not uncommon the complexity of supply chains, third party carriers and increased cross border shipments means that achieving transparency across networks is challenging and often impossible. Unlike disposable GPS trackers which are designed to be used once ParceLive redefines the meaning of shipment tracking with a reusable service designed for peak performance and longevity.

As a live service enabled by trackers with an expected lifespan of up to 3 years, Hanhaa enlisted the help of global technology leaders Avnet & TE Connectivity in order to design the very best product possible. With bespoke radio antennas designed specifically for ParceLive and top of the line components users of the service are able to achieve visibility and insight like never before.

ParceLive enables users to monitor their shipments with GPS accuracy even within warehouses

By tracking on a consignment level regardless of the carrier or country ParceLive has taken GPS tracking and supply chain visibility to a new level. With expert design the ability to gain real time visibility of shipments even from the inside of warehouses is now a real possibility. With data across six parameters live insight on the handling and condition of shipments as they are handed from shipper to shipper is a reality across the globe.

To find out more about how you can illuminate your supply chain and to offer real time data as a service to your customers you can request more information by clicking the link below:

Written by Ana Bila

Stephen HartnettTaking supply chain visibility to new levels