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Video: 7 months into a pandemic – an IoT innovator’s journey

on August 21, 2020 No comments

“You need to understand the why, before you can answer the how…ParceLive helps you deliver the why.” – Azhar Hussain, CEO & Founder, Hanhaa

In autumn 2019 COVID19 did not exist. Now, more than 7 months and 10,000 scientific papers later, it has colonised the world and we know a lot more about it. We also know that there is a lot more still to be learnt.

For many organisations there is still so much uncertainty as to what the future holds. It’s been tough for everyone, but to outmanoeuvre uncertainty will require a plan of reinvention.

Companies are now taking a second look at digital transformation as they attempt to operate in the new uncertainty of COVID-19. While they previously looked to technologies such as IoT, blockchain, AI and analytics to drive efficiency, they’re now viewing them as a means to increase resiliency in disruptive times.

Check out the video below and listen to Azhar Hussain, CEO & Founder, Hanhaa as he shares his thoughts on the impact the past 7 months have had for the company.

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CallumVideo: 7 months into a pandemic – an IoT innovator’s journey