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Delivery logistics and the e-commerce boom

on October 25, 2016 No comments

The parcel market is big. And it’s growing, therefore delivery logistics will have to adapt and keep up with the growth of the industry. Fuelled by a continuing e-commerce boom, increases in delivery capabilities and growth in developing nations more parcels are travelling the globe than ever before. A report by Mckinsey suggests that parcel delivery in developed nations such as Germany and the US is set to double in the next ten years, while delivery in developing nations like India is growing at rates of up to 300% per year.

“In mature markets, volumes could double over the next ten years”

The addition of Parcelive into the delivery logistics industry could provide valuable data that would not only allow for companies to greatly increase efficiency across their supply chain, but also give consumers increased confidence in what it is they have ordered. By allowing consumers to view not only the location of their order but also its condition (temperature, humidity, and if the box was dropped or opened) Parcelive offers consumers their own personal ride along with their shipment. By providing data with the likes of which has never before been accessible before consumers will have the confidence in ordering items that are temperature sensitive, notably groceries and medicine.

Increased consumer confidence is matched by the now additional capabilities of logistics companies using ParceLive. The use of IoT across an entire network means companies will now have the ability to see where bottlenecks are occurring, where items are likely to breach temperature needs, where items are being dropped, and allow customers a far more accurate estimated time of delivery. By doing so the costs for those using Parcelive will be greatly reduced by implementing improvements based upon data across entire supply chains. A more efficient supply chain equals improved delivery speed and, vitally, reduction of costs. With increased transparency and capability for consumer and sender, the question is, what would you send?

To read the full Mckinsey report on parcel delivery click here. If you are interested in offering real time parcel tracking as a service to your customers:

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Stephen HartnettDelivery logistics and the e-commerce boom