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Hanhaa XG partners with 10T Tech to support eSIM offering

on November 12, 2019 No comments

Founded in 2017, 10T Tech offers the world’s first eSIM Platform specifically targeted towards challenger and virtual mobile carriers. 10T Tech’s eSIM delivery Platform as a Service(PaaS)  is a digital replacement of what a mobile operator does today when they hand out plastic SIM cards and assign them to subscriber profiles in their systems when they’re activated. Except now, instead of plugging in the SIM card, the user downloads a digital SIM profile to the device after scanning a QR code.

The term “eSIM”, meaning either electronic or embedded SIM, came into limelight with the launch of the GSMA Consumer eSIM compliant Apple Watch 3 and Pixel 3a that adopted the technology. It’s only a matter of time before all smartphones, tablets and wearables adopt eSIMs, removing the need to have a physical SIM card. Current stats estimate that we would be seeing a wide-ditching of traditional SIM cards in 2021/22.

Hanhaa XG, the first mobile network for IoT, has partnered with 10T Tech to provide an eSIM delivery platform to support their customers with eSIM connectivity.

The image below provides a visual representation of how the eSIM process compares to the traditional physical SIM production process:

By adopting the eSIM, it makes it much easier for individuals to switch carriers as they don’t have to acquire a new SIM, they simply switch to a new carrier straight from their phone. It’s also worth noting that eSIMs help to make devices smaller, which allows more freedom to provide additional features, such as extra room for battery capacity.

The image below shows how quick and simple it is to get up and running with eSIMs, completely digitizing the entire sign up experience:

eSIMs allow the subscriber to select and switch their voice and data plans over-the-air, simply by scanning a QR code and downloading a new SIM profile to their device. As everything becomes digital, carriers will move investment from physical to digital promotion meaning fewer physical stores.

“At 10T Tech, we strive to push eSIM technology forward and accelerate its adoption across both the consumer and industrial spaces…Our goal is to empower the world’s tier 2 and tier 3 MNOs and MVNOs to realize the full potential of eSIM and support this paradigm shift in the global mobile telecommunications marketplace.”

Fredric Liljestroem, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder, 10T Tech

Hanhaa has now signed a 3 year agreement to use the 10T platform for the Hanhaa XG eSIM proposition. 10T will provide the live platform for Hanhaa to upload eSIM profiles and provide connectivity to Hanhaa XG customers. Hanhaa XG eSIMs will be available from 2020.

“10T Tech is extremely proud to be working with Hanhaa on rolling out this revolutionary technology in the UK. The breaking of the physical distribution barrier through the use of digital eSIM will allow Hanhaa to reach its customers in ways never before seen in the 25 years since Mobile Telephony became mainstream, wherever they are on the planet.”

Geoffrey Head, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, 10T Tech

“Hanhaa XG sees this partnership with 10T Tech as the next stage in our growth strategy. Hanhaa XG has always been a disruptor within the mobile landscape, and now with the ability to remove any need for physical components when providing customers with global connectivity, the road to the new world is wide open.”

Ian Maciver, Hanhaa XG Owner.
CallumHanhaa XG partners with 10T Tech to support eSIM offering