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How ParceLive can prevent lost luggage and save operators millions

on June 18, 2019 No comments

Since the dawn of air travel there have been both rapid advancements in technology and its use in shuttling people and their parcels further, faster, and safer than was once thought humanly possible. There is also a seemingly ironic avoidance of using the same such technology toward assuring such precious cargo reaches its final destination on time and in one piece.

That said, and in the age of fold’em or hold’em (or, alternatively, merge’em), airlines and airports are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators as well as fliers when it comes to ensuring that air travel remains affordable and as minimally monopolistic as possible.

This is constraining, again, not only carriers, who have seen their ranks culled by no fewer than the passing of 20 of their kind in the last year alone (RIP Flybmi), but also third-party contractors and airports trying to make their destinations as attractive as possible.

One key factor for tourists in determining who they holiday with as well as where they holiday to, therefore, (and none too surprising, really) is whether they will land with their luggage in tow.

But with fewer and fewer carriers taking to the skies alongside airports struggling to turn a profit, the interim solution could very well be consumers and third-party contractors taking matters into their own hands (literally!) and tracking their luggage themselves.

Hanhaa’s ParceLive provides this option and one that is not only recyclable and reusable, but also one in which the user is afforded the peace of mind in knowing whether their luggage will be making that spin around the carousel or showing up a few days later to a preprogramed resort destination.

Passenger-empowered tracking:

While GPS tracking and RFID technology has long since been used by the military and aviation communities in tracking as well as monitoring the movements of high-tech, luxury, and sensitive items, the business-to-consumer sector is no less powerful, especially for passengers needing their hand luggage to make it to a holiday local as well as the harried business executive needing his attire to be presentation-ready upon arrival.

While FedEx and other external third-party couriers allow for some tracking via mobile application, they stop short of many of the product features that Hanhaa affords the family of five as well as the solopreneur.

This is to say that should a laptop or iPad go missing from a suitcase, Hanhaa’s ParceLive technology empowers the claimant in seeking remuneration as the tracking device comes equipped with security features that alert the owner when bags are opened unexpectedly, dropped, or, curiously, misplaced.

Such technology could prove especially handy should one be transiting through JFK airport, London’s Heathrow, or LAX, which have some of the highest theft rates the industry over.

Claims reductions:

The news is not all bad for carriers or airport operators, of course, but the numbers still do not lie.

Viz., consider that lost baggage fell from 46.9M parcels in 2007 to a ‘mere’ 24.8M in 2018 and the picture seems a little less gloomy.

Try explaining that to the entrepreneur trying to seek funding upon his arrival to Turkey’s new Istanbul airport or Nigeria’s PHC ahead of a trip out to the oil rigs when he finds his laptop and equipment missing, however, and such ‘good’ news is likely to fall on deaf ears.

The result is, of course, a follow-on claim seeking compensation against either the airport or airline, or both, vis-a-vis either a personal or professional insurance company.

Still, this can leave families and executives without in the short-term as well as further constrain operators when they have to make payouts time and time again.

ParceLive protects against this threat, again, by not only empowering the individual to track his or her luggage, but also affords the insurance company with a digital breadcrumb-esque trail that expedites the claim process.

But in the event…:

that your luggage should go missing since not every airport, contract baggage-handling personnel, or airline share your sentiments when it comes to luggage integrity and carousel turn-time, ParceLive can be used time and time again.

By way of an example, if a family or executive is frequently in and out of Greece, he or she can track a single parcel or multiple items in the same bag as well as collection of bags and, upon receipt, simple drop the tracker in the post (free of charge) and use their next tag on the return voyage.

Not only is this great news for the solo-traveller or entrepreneur, but also the environment with the potential in long-term behavioural correction for baggage handlers in the region once they become aware that their movements are being monitored from afar.

But again, and in returning to the value proposition of Hanhaa’s ParceLive software and tracking technology, this is truly a band-aid solution to a greater, industry-wide problem that stems from carriers and contractors trying to do more with less.

There is no excuse for sticky fingers, of course, but that should not place a business executive or the like without his presentation materials (or clothes for that matter!) in the short-term nor erode the fiscal bottom lines of airports and operators trying to keep costs to a minimum whilst simultaneously leveraging expensive technology to correct the root cause of the lost-luggage issue, writ large.

Still, and before the latter can feasibly realise the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the power of algorithms in driving lost baggage to zero, Hanhaa’s ParceLive offers the perfect, environmentally-friendly medium-term solution that can empower the traveller to take that next pitch meeting or travel abroad knowing his or her items will arrive on time and in one piece.

Stephen hartnettHow ParceLive can prevent lost luggage and save operators millions