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ParceLive & China rising

on October 15, 2019 No comments

You’re at any number of airports the world over and delayed.

You’ve been delayed.

For hours.

What’s more, there is little information forthcoming about the reason for the postponement, which leaves you wondering whether to seek an alternative flight, rent a car, or wait it out.

Quite a bind, right?

Now, imagine this happening at scale and routinely, even down to the minute, to supply chain managers tasked with tracking millions of dollars worth of luxury goods awaiting inspection and import into one of the fastest growing consumer markets ever seen in the history of mankind and you begin to understand the frustration of many businesses trying to ship, stock, and sell goods in China.

What’s truly enervating for these individuals is that despite the Middle Kingdom operating some of the most spacious, high-tech airports, Chinese authorities err on the side of extreme caution when it comes to coordinating departures and arrivals with minutes (versus seconds) between aircraft and averaging some 43 minutes behind schedule every day, if not worse.

Supply chain managers can, of course, rely on more classic ports (i.e., seaports and harbours) in which to funnel goods, but this is not an option for the increasingly expensive, high-end products many in the growing middle class crave and is only truly profit-generating with low-cost, high-volume goods.

In order to overcome this barrier of time-consuming, hourly monitoring by your staff, ParceLive provides information on over seven shipment-specific factors via a live-location map. This translates into automated shipment status updates for consumers while simultaneously alerting customs officials of impending deliveries, which, ultimately, drives shared responsibility throughout the chain of custody and reduces the risk of ceased assets.

Hanhaa ParceLive dashboard

Here’s how:

Connecting business with consumers: 

As mentioned, and reported by any number of periodicals left lying about the departures lounge, China is destined to become and maintain its position as the world’s largest market as early as 2050.

The top-five, largest groups of consumer will then consist of four in Asia, or China, India, Indonesia, and Japan.

With South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan not far behind, then, it is crucial that producers in Europe and North America quickly improve and extend their software- and hardware-tracking capabilities in order to capitalize (literally) on this rise of Asia.

ParceLive is a turnkey solution when it comes to connecting not only businesses with customers (B2C), but also more fully integrating businesses (or B2B) along entire supply chains through increased visibility around seven distinct package-tracking features.

These include, but are tailorable to the business at hand, TRUE or YES tilt alerts, free fall detection in excess of 0.4 seconds, shocks of between four to 16 g’s, light exposure of more than 5.11 LUX, temperature deviations, humidity exposure history, and orientation of the parcel during shipment.

What’s more is that the tracker is small, discrete and can work on small packages as well as pallets, which come in handy in tight aircraft cargo holds. The GPS-enabled monitors also work for up to 50 days and are easily recyclable with a little planning ahead of time in China.

Aviation compliance and certification guaranteed: 

On this note (i.e., planning to enter the Middle Kingdom market), businesses, distributors, and freight forwarders all need to be in possession of not merely the same shipment-specific documentation forms, but also certifications and certificates indicating that the pallets and products have the correct European declaration forms, lithium-ion battery test results, data protection confirmation paperwork, and certificates of origin, just to name a few.

Again, though, Hanhaa, the parent company of ParceLive, makes this easy as its processes and procedures are pre-certified by the following airlines.

By taking pride in doing things right the first time, every time, Hanhaa reduces the likelihood of customs inspectors delaying the import of luxury goods and, therefore, opens up a world of opportunities for new businesses to enter this booming market around time-sensitive goods like flowers and food.

Surety, security, and chains of custody:

Should shipments miss their scheduled departure or otherwise go astray, ParceLive can help in speeding resolution on where the bottleneck occurred and, in so doing, empower supply chain managers to look elsewhere when moving their goods.

In other words, and because Hanhaa does not have an actual footprint in the Middle Kingdom as of yet, freight forwarders may look to intermediaries in Singapore or Hong Kong where they not only operate routinely, but who also are in the top ten when it comes to being China’s major merchandise trading partners.

Additionally, ParceLive’s commitment to certifiable and duplicable processes means that inspections can be expedited at more classic ports as well as out on the tarmac so that goods do not only miss their delivery windows, but can be afford carriers the ability to complete quick-turns and reload products destined for export to the European Union or North America.

Not only does this make good socio-economic sense, but it also means improved efficiency and lest waste when it comes to operating high-pollutant generating aircraft.

While ParceLive cannot answer for the massive delays at Chinese airports year in and year out, the software- and hardware-solution is making product shipment and import-export relationship building much easier in an economy destined to be number one by 2050 with trade estimates of around 52.2T USD (yes, with a T!).

With a market share of 18.2% then, businesses and freight forwarders that fail to conduct business with China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, or any other number of Asian countries is likely to miss out on a huge growth opportunity.

But with the help of ParceLive, there is far less risk of lost shipments or huge economic losses, which is to say you should probably wait out this latest delayed departure.

You may want to be here awhile.

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