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UK technology company launches BREXIT-ready ‘technical solution’

on February 28, 2019 No comments

Geo-fenced zones for the Irish border and all UK ports enables cargo shipments to self-declare and automate customs processing without physical borders.

London, UK – 28 February, 2018 – Hanhaa Limited, the Internet-of-Things innovator, today announced the release of its BREXIT-ready technical solution based on the company’s ParceLive real-time tracking and multi-point data solution.

With much debate on how technical solutions might address the thorny issue of the Irish border and congestion at major shipping ports, the team at Hanhaa has released an update to its ParceLive platform that uses GPS technology to geo-fence the perimeters of ports and borders that represent the frontline of the BREXIT challenge.

The ‘trusted trader’ phrase that is being applied to regular (approved) shippers is formally referred to as an Authorised Economic Operator (for imports and exports). Anyone involved in the international supply-chain that carries-out customs-related activities in the UK and EU can apply for ‘AEO’ status, regardless of the size of their business.

With the ParceLive BREXIT technical solution, AEO shippers upload pre-shipment paperwork electronically and link it to the ParceLive tracker inserted within their shipping consignment.

When the cargo is within 2 miles of the border, the cargo self-declares with documents that are electronically presented to customs with a live GPS fix on cargo updated for direction and speed of travel. Additional verification is presented showing that the cargo has not been opened and has kept to known travel patterns from its point of origin.

Customs can then clear the cargo automatically as the vehicle crosses the border. All taxes, duties and tariffs become payable under the relevant regime and the vehicle never has to stop unless the border force chooses to inspect it.

There is also no need for a single customs check point, a vehicle crossing anywhere over the virtual border can be cleared as if it went through a physical border point – this is addresses congestion challenges created by BREXIT and the Irish border.

“ParceLive is the low cost, scalable BREXIT-ready solution that politicians and industry have been crying-out for,” said Azhar Hussain, CEO and founder of Hanhaa. “The technology is operational today with live users across the world and I’m delighted that our team has adapted the ParceLive system to API shipping data into existing logistics and customs systems.” 

ParceLive trackers are inserted into shipments and enable shippers to access a host of data including shipment location, temperature, humidity and when a consignment has been opened. With global cellular data carried across Hanhaa’s own mobile network (Hanhaa XG), ParceLive is an international solution that provides shippers with a unified data-flow about shipments around the world.

“Solutions that are based on vehicles and driver-centred technologies are expensive because they require physical infrastructure and they’re fragmented because systems don’t interconnect,” said Azhar Hussain. “With ParceLive, shipments self-declare and vehicles keep moving which frees-up customs personnel to focus on intelligent enforcement rather checking everything.”

“We have seen all sorts of border and multi-shipper challenges and are very confident that ParceLive is the BREXIT solution that everyone has been seeking,” added Hussain.

ParceLive trackers are seamlessly returned to Hanhaa’s fulfilment centre after use, via freepost, where data is erased, and the tracker readied for a new journey within the UK/EU logistics infrastructure. All data is captured, processed and secured within UK/EU.

For companies looking to experiment with the ParceLive system ahead of BREXIT, Hanhaa has launched a BREXIT Survival Kit for shippers to quickly rent trackers and deploy them within their supply chains.

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Stephen hartnettUK technology company launches BREXIT-ready ‘technical solution’