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TrackIQ using Hanhaa’s ParceLive to monitor CBD shipments

on June 26, 2019 1 comment

Founded in 2016, Mile High Labs have been setting the standards for cannabidiol (CBD) ingredient manufacturing. The team is committed to advancing the industry forward and making CBD accessible through scientific innovation and research.

Monitoring the condition of their CBD products while in transport is critical to Mile High Labs. CBD oil in particular is very reactive to the environment it is stored in. The best way to ship CBD is in an upright position with stable temperatures away from extreme light, heat or moisture. Storing CBD products in suitable environments will also increase their shelf life. It’s imperative that Mile High Labs implement a tracking solution that enables full transparency to the location, condition and security of their valuable shipments.

Shipment of CBD products

After researching tracking devices to meet their needs, Mile High Labs chose to partner with TrackIQ, a channel partner for Hanhaa.

“Compliance, security, transparency and quality are paramount to Mile High Labs. These trackers are critical to ensuring our world-class CBD isolate arrives at our customers’ door exactly the way it was shipped from our facility. With tamper proof packaging combined with TrackIQ’s tracking technology, Mile High Labs are creating a new standard for quality control in the CBD market.” – Danilo Piccin, Manager of Supply Chain Solutions, Mile High Labs.

Through the implementation of the TrackIQ hardware and software system, Mile High Labs can see what’s really happening and trending within their delivery network. Auditable data helps everyone to identify the facts behind late, non-delivery and damage disputes. With the delicate nature of the cargo that Mile High Labs are transporting, having as much information as possible, readily available, helps them to differentiate themselves through enhanced service delivery with the TrackIQ partnership.

Below is an image of Mile High Labs tracking a shipment of CBD products from their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, to Belfast, Northern Ireland where there is a dedicated team to lead European expansion efforts.

During the first leg of the trip, we can see from the online dashboard (image below) that the shipment encountered some rough handling at Louisville Airport:

When the cargo was being transferred over to its connecting flight, the airport staff triggered a shock alert of 14.7G (G-force). If any damage from this incident were to occur to the products in transport, Mile High Labs would have the ability to identify where in the world the shock alert happened and at what time. This information allows shippers and logistics suppliers to report back to customers in real-time and decide on the appropriate action that needs to be taken to ensure that issues such as this won’t happen again.

TrackIQ’s hardware-as-a-service model means that Mile High Labs and other partners can receive trackers on a monthly basis and use the real-time data from the entire delivery supply chain to watch, prevent and predict events. Knowing ahead of time if a shipment is delayed, dropped, hot, stolen, opened, lost, wet, cold or hopefully on time is invaluable.

“Mile High Labs’ goal is to set the highest standards for CBD processing and shipping. By tracking our products with TrackIQ, we bring peace of mind for manufacturers and their customers, now and into the future.”  – Danilo Piccin, Manager of Supply Chain Solutions, Mile High Labs

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CallumTrackIQ using Hanhaa’s ParceLive to monitor CBD shipments