Curing seasick supply chains

on September 3, 2019
Long before the Great Recession, and not unlike an unexpected storm surge wreaking havoc on some poor, unprepared port, the cruising industry was in trouble.

Big trouble.

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CallumCuring seasick supply chains

ParceLive used to monitor artisan ales in transport

on August 28, 2019

Established in 2017, The Barrel at Bude is the second micropub to open in Cornwall and is the first in the north of the county. The quirky establishment was voted, within 6 months of opening, as one of the top 50 best pubs in Cornwall, recognised this year as one of the Best 10 Real Ale Pubs in Cornwall, (Cornwall Live and associated press) and also mentioned in the Sunday Times as “perhaps the best tiny pub in Cornwall.” Its success is partly due to brewing some of their own beer – using Cornish hops and specialising in sourcing everything, from gins to rums, ales and wines, from small Cornish artisan producers.

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CallumParceLive used to monitor artisan ales in transport

From watered-down drinks to watered-down shipments

on August 27, 2019
It is the fool who thinks his all-inclusive resort is serving him and his guest’s cocktails and martinis that feature the appropriate amount of alcohol per unit.

And while one would be hard-pressed to find this sort of admission in the fine print or disclaimer of a legally binding contract prior to embarking on a cruise or island getaway, it most certainly has been an unspoken agreement between imbiber and provider for years if not millennia.

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CallumFrom watered-down drinks to watered-down shipments

ShipChain: New Channel Partner

on August 22, 2019
Founded in 2017, ShipChain is on a mission to solve the greatest problems facing the logistics industry. Through the application of blockchain technology, ShipChain is actively making transport and logistics more effective, secure, and transparent.

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CallumShipChain: New Channel Partner

ParceLive can help logisticians reclaim control over greenhouse gas emissions

on August 20, 2019
Shakespeare was wont to say, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, when describing those he, or his characters, found undesirable.

But could the same be said for what has arguably become the bane of environmentalists the world over when trying to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, which is to say, the, er, expulsions of cows?

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CallumParceLive can help logisticians reclaim control over greenhouse gas emissions